Where does the Dyrun and Dyrun Telecom works?

Your Dyrun device works everywhere in the world, just put your own data sim card in it (as long as your carrier’s choice is available in the country you are)

Check the map to see the DYRUN’s air time coverage.

It is currently available in more than 90 countries with over 190 operators and we are still and always spreading in new destinations.

How does it work?

Load the Battery or plug it to your power outlet, put any data sim card or load your Dyrun telecom or your e-sim (Dyrun Tron X only) push the power button, and voilà! You just have to connect to your new device through the wifi. EASY!

How can I buy Data?

Simply connect to Dyruntelecom.com to load your sim card or even easier, Download the Dyrun App available for Apple or Androïd devices.

How to have an internet connection on the move?

On the move, it is customary to try to connect via a “Hot Spot” WIFI, public or private WIFI portal in open sharing. It is then strongly recommended to have a VPN application to hide your IP address assigned to the network.

How to proceed in the absence of public hot spots?

It is possible to create your shared “Hot Spot” in WIFI or USB connection via your smartphone in sharing mode or to have a 4G / LTE router, an electronic device allowing you to connect to the mobile phone antenna network. 3G / 4G and create his “Hot Spot” via his mobile subscription

These solutions work perfectly in optimal connection conditions, in a well-covered urban area with antennas dedicated to your operator.

Is there a mobile solution “off-road” that can overcome the difficulties of connection in case of poor reception or low flow?

The ideal solution on the go or at home or at work is the use of a “Hyper Connector” like the DYRUN in its mobile version or in BOX version

What does DYRUN offer that other 4G / LTE Router solutions do not offer?

DYRUN’s TRON or TRON-X devices have exceptional capabilities for listening, analyzing and managing 3G / 4G signals. They are able to analyze these signals and to restore you the one that will allow you the best use in term of stability and power for an optimal use of your connected objects, smartphones, tablets, computers or others …

In addition, connections made over the network via a DYRUN device are safe because through a VPN connection directly via the device, including even without the presence of a dedicated application on your connected device.


Using the DYRUN in DYRUN TELECOM mode gives you the advantage of being able, in all circumstances, to benefit from the best network profile according to your location. This guarantees you always have the best connection in motion situation, both nationally and internationally, regardless of your SMARTPHONE operator plan.

What is a Grey or White zone?

A grey area is a weakly covered area, by few operators or not allowing a good connection.

A white zone is an area where it is particularly difficult or impossible to connect with the usual devices of the market.

Does DYRUN allow a connection in the White zone?

DYRUN allows connections in the white zone because of its exceptional listening and signal processing capabilities 3G / 4G – It is necessary, in extreme cases, to add some additional accessories depending on the configuration of places to cover as an outdoor antenna or WIFI repeaters, but most of the time it is self-sufficient and provides a connection comfort unmatched in the market.

How can one connect while traveling abroad without paying data roaming?

DYRUN Devices work with a physical SIM and for the TRON-X, with an e-SIM in addition. In any case you can insert a local SIM according to the country where you live temporarily for tourist or professional reasons, in which case you will work with the local operator of your SIM.

You can also work with DYRUN’s Multi-Pass SIM, which provides you with a local access to nearly 150 networks in 90 countries. In these countries you will be navigating in local connection with the DYRUN package or daily pass.

Where can I use DYRUN?

In transport: trains, metro, coaches, bus, car, boating, cable cars, gondolas, camping car, by the sea, in the mountains, in the country, in fair, fair exhibition, congress, concert, sports events indoor, outdoor , in the hotel…. In any situation and on any occasion, as long as you need a good stable connection, at a good speed and, what’s more, secure.

Can I get my DYRUN financing?

Two cases allow you to consider a partial or total refund!

You reside in the zone Blanche: in some departments – Inquire with your town hall – you are eligible for a participation for the acquisition of a DYRUN “Zone Blanche” which can go from 100 € to 400 € according to the device in force locally .

DYRUN allows you to obtain a full refund of your purchase when you have sponsored up to ten referrals with a model equivalent to or greater than that of your acquisition (Excluding subsidized products).

How do the DYRUN TRON & TRON - X work?

Armed with their Data SIM card according to the operator of your choice or the DYRUN Multi-pass SIM card, all you need to do is press the initialization button.

On your smartphone, tablet or computer, select the DYRUN that appears in the list of available WIFI networks, enter the WIFI key on the base of your DYRUN and voila. You therefore have a fluid and optimized connection.

How many devices can I connect to the same DYRUN device?

With the TRON from DYRUN, up to 10 devices can connect in WIFI

With the TRON – X from DYRUN, up to 32 devices can connect in WIFI

Is the WIFI connection of the DYRUN secure and how?

Any connection and its data traffic operated by the DYRUN is secured through an encrypted VPN tunnel allowing its user to hide his IP address and secure his surf on the web.