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Each day we are getting further into the development of quantum computing technology. Google
just made a step further in this area by unveiling Bristlecone, its latest and more powerful quantum

First, let’s take a moment to review what is quantum computing.
Quantum computing is the area of study focused on developing computer technology based on the
principles of quantum theory, which explains the nature and behavior of energy and matter on the
atomic and subatomic level. Development of a quantum computer would mark a leap forward in
computing capability far greater than that from the abacus to a modern day supercomputer, with
performance gains in the billion-fold realm and beyond. The quantum computer, following the laws
of quantum physics, would gain enormous processing power through the ability to be in multiple
states, and to perform tasks using all possible permutations simultaneously. Current centers of
research in quantum computing include MIT, IBM, Oxford University, and the Los Alamos National

What is Bristlecone about?
It is insanely powerful!
In quantum processors the basic unit of information is called quantum bits or Qubits. As Comparison
IBM produced a 50 – qubit system, Bristlecone is working with 72 qubits.

Qubits don’t determine alone the functionality of a quantum processor, but it remains one of the
most important factor indicating the power of the processor.

With that kind of technology which is still mostly experimental, it is extremely important to maintain
and guarantee perfect conditions to run. It must be kept in extremely cold, soundproof and
shockproof environment.

All that processing power recently developed by IBM, Google and others makes us closer to solving
problems and bring scientific research forward quicker and better than ever before with old systems.

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