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Among all the innovations and trends of this CES, what is there to remember?

First, we have the voice assistant. And yes, now the trend is smart assistant in all your devices, we also find the pioneers of the genre like Alexa and Echo at Amazon. But we also have Cortana, Roku, Bixby, Siri and Google assistant.

Where can they be found? Everywhere, Virtual Assistants are now integrated into TVs, washing machines, smartphones, refrigerators and cars.
Wireless is also very present in the field of charging, we see many wireless charging stations.

The screens were present in all their forms too, with the smart assistant integrated into the big ones like Samsung, Sony and others. Rollable tv displays.
There are also the VR / AR poles (virtual reality and augmented reality) and connected objects.

A key topic for the future that has also greatly interested the crowds at this 2018 edition, Smart Cities. The subject of super-connected cities opens the door to innumerable innovations and technological possibilities. However, with all these new possibilities come new issues.

These issues take different forms.

Security, when everything is interconnected, the possibilities of accessing the information or a network are greater and more numerous.
Then comes the problem of the connection. When we connect everything together, the main condition for the proper functioning of this system that we develop is to have a stable and fast connection in all circumstances. So until we get 5G everywhere there is still a lot of ground to cover.

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