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How to stay connected when travelling without going bankrupt?

Every person travelling has already been faced at least once with a common problem, how to get internet connection when travelling abroad.

As roaming fees are still a problem in many parts of the world, when travelling for business and leisure reasons, one can usually find some easy fixes like free hotspots, hotel Wi-fi and the many restaurant and cafés that are nowadays nearly all providing a free internet access to their customers.

These solutions are usually cheap as they are most of the time free or require you to order a little something to drink or eat.

But when travelling for business reasons, one would usually require a stable and fast connection. In order to get this kind of connection, free wifi and hotspots are not enough.

For this kind of need, many solutions exist, Multi-operator sim cards, My-fi devices and satellite connections.

As one would suppose, prices vary depending on the amount of data one would need and the speed of the connection.

Satellite internet connection is a good solution for people finding themselves in remote areas where even the smallest cellular signal doesn’t come through but the prices can rise really quickly and the quantity of data going through the uplink is extremely limited.

4G/LTE routers are another popular way to get a good and stable connection. They are really easy to find as every mobile phone store, airport electronic retailers and supermarkets are now selling these devices which are using a data plan provided by international and national carriers.

Another solution consists in ordering an international sim card that allows you to use a internet connection on your device, would it be a phone, tablet or laptop by subscribing to a roaming free data plan that works in most of the countries in the world. Nowadays you can find various companies offering this service, which you usually pay by day, month or data bundles. This constitutes a worry-free solution as you won’t have to buy a local Sim-card when arriving in the country of your destination.

There are other innovating ways being developed by big and smaller companies like global satellite network, Optical transmission technologies or better 4G routers being developed. Who knows what is in store for the fellow traveler for 2018.

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