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After Loon, let there be light
Following project Loon, Alphabet is still in pursuit of the globalization of internet and is now focused on light beams to provide the internet in the most remote areas.
What is it about?
The technology is called Free Space Optical Communication and it consists in putting the technology behind Loon into FSOC boxes. Those boxes would then be installed in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
By creating a network of mounted FSOC boxes the company aims to transmit data through direct light contact to up to 12 miles at a time.
To make it simple the boys from google want to install an optical fiber network out of the ground without the fiber.
Alphabet is partnered with AP State FiberNet to set up the 2000 FSOC boxes with the goal to provide internet to 12 million households not connected in India.
Is this going to be Alphabet lucky strike in this area?

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